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Welcome to 2012!

Friday, January 6th, 2012

RevBuilders welcomes you to 2012!(Also known as “Ack! I’m out of blogs already? Er, I mean, welcome to 2012!”)
by Tamara S.

So, I’ll be honest here – I was totally spoiled by my nearly month-ahead planning of blog posts. I had written everything ahead of time to the point that I became kind of complacent about blog writing, since hey, I already had one done so why worry about it? Except that of course, I wrote a finite number of blog posts, and lo and behold, I have reached the end. I do have other blogs started, but they are nowhere near finished enough to post in time for today.

However, I decided that instead of just skipping Friday and pretending that nothing happened, I would accept responsibility and write a last-minute “I’m sorry folks for forgetting to write a blog” post.

Alright, spur of the moment topic – New Year’s Resolutions! (more…)