Master Wordsmith Moving on to Master Other Things

June 8th, 2012 09:46am CDT by Tamara Schaad

Yes, it is true – the title says it all. Nathan Schaad, RevBuilders’ Communications Editor, will no longer be working at RevBuilders Marketing (although we are thankful he will continue to copywrite for us for a time), and no, it is not because Nathan did a poor job. On the contrary, we are extremely disappointed to see him go. His skill with managing the copywriters and editing has been amazing, and…well, we could actually keep going, and I’m not cutting his short out of lack of things to say, but because I want to devote this blog to pictures in honor of Nathan, and what I imagine experiences at RevBuilders were like from Nathan’s perspective.

So here you go Nathan. I created these pictures just for you. I would have made more, and I had a ton more of ideas in my head, but you know my invisible degree at ABC University in the art of Paint means it took me forever to make this. I hope you still enjoyed it!
Some Memories for Master Wordsmith Nathan Schaad to Reminence Over. Or is it Reminiscence?

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