PW Chamber Does It Again – Awesome!

June 3rd, 2011 05:41pm CDT by Scot Small

by RevMan

What a fantastic event!
I just went to my first Monthly Business Building Breakfast (MB3) hosted by Uno Chicago Grill in Gainesville.   Steve Johnson served up a breakfast pizza that looked totally incredible – but I was strong and stuck with the fruit bowl.  A big shout out to Steve Johnson and the staff of Uno’s.

Skilled Networking
The place was packed and many connections where made as skillful networking took place.  The format was great as every so often we heard a bell and you had to move on to the next person –great idea to keep the networking lively and productive. Not only that, some great give-a-ways were given out.

Exciting Results!
I meet some great new people one being Cliff Glier, who is the owner of Touching Hearts at Home, what a wonderful service, helping the elderly live a better quality of life.  Also meet John Buxton and Randy Baldwin of Frugal Rooter Plumbing & Drain, I love their titles – Plumberologist .  I talked with John a little bit about dominating online and how as an SEO company we can help them make this happen.

Also had a great conversation with Luanne Lee who owns Gateway College Funding, I have already emailed my wife to get together with Luanne to help us plan with our 15 year old – what a great service! It sounds promising.  Also, she is interested in our online solutions, so it will good for all.

“We fight Ugly” got the crowd laughing – what a great line. This was spoken by the folks at ImaginDesign – of which I spoke with Patrick King and we agreed to meet to talk about partnership opportunities. Looking forward to the conversation.

I met a ton of others, but the last I want to mention is John Sweet of OSOM Solution, whom I already knew – he gave me a great referral for some computer help that has worked out fantastically. But we got to talking about what they are doing online to be found and, well, we will be getting together for lunch to further talk about what could work for them – very excited to see where this goes. Thanks John for the good conversation.

So, to wrap up, it was well worth the hour and half.

  • Met 3- 4 really good new leads
  • Met someone to potentially help us with some personal stuff like college planning
  • Have the opportunity to partner with a Design firm (which I have been looking for over three years now)

Thank you Prince William Chamber and all you do to engage the business community.

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3 Responses to “ PW Chamber Does It Again – Awesome! ”

  1. Luanne Lee says:

    I agree, Scot, it was a great event by the PW County Chamber helping business professionals meet like minded folks. The breakfast pizza was worth the extra calories! Steve at Uno’s does a tremendous job in supporting the local business community. I also met a lot of interesting new people, you included, and will have the 1st Friday morning of the month saved for the remainder of the year to attend this Chamber event at Uno’s!

  2. Emily says:

    Glad to hear the event was a success for you! Thanks for telling others about the PW Chamber’s MB3– the more who know, the more attend, the more value for all. Also, we now hold this event on both sides of town, at Uno Gainesville & Uno Woodbridge. Happy networking!

  3. Yes! It was another great MB3 event. As a member of the Chamber Staff in the area of business development, I always enjoy the chance to meet new members and learn about their business. I always seem to do both at these events since our Chamber membership is growing leaps and bounds. Glad to hear you made the college funding connection…I may also give Luanne a call since in the evenings I enjoy helping students get into the college by navigating the college application process — she helps paying for it which is often a service my clients need.