Does Your Social Marketing Invite Your Customers To Orbit?

April 6th, 2012 09:00am CDT by Tamara Schaad

Social Marketing is a Horse of a Different Colorby Tamara S.

I normally try to come up with my own thoughts for blogs, but I don’t know that much, and there’s a lot of great information and thought-provoking articles to read out there! In particular, “Three Steps to Generating Social Gravity” by Mark Bonchek came out this past Monday, and it caught my attention. What an excellent metaphor for how social marketing works! Social marketing is a horse of a different color: It’s best done with “pull marketing,” as Bonchek says.  If you’re not familiar with pull marketing, “the objective of pull marketing is to achieve a shared purpose.”

This is something I’ve been realizing in the social marketing world. Social media marketing lends itself more towards providing people something interesting to talk about, and interacting with them on a personal level. I must admit, I liked this article so much that I don’t have much to add to it – check it out!

Oh, and Good Friday and Happy Easter to you!

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