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Time to Say Goodbye

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Although I am leaving RevBuilders, I wanted to reflect on what I've learned there. Because it's a lot.(I hate goodbyes.)

As some of you may have heard, I’m leaving RevBuilders. Before you make any assumptions, I wanted to let you know: it’s not because I hate my job, or dislike RevBuilders, or have personality conflicts with Scot. Simply put, I was offered a job at a non-profit, and ministry/non-profits are where I’ve always wanted to be. It’s where my heart’s been for a long time, and when the opportunity came up, I was excited.

I have to admit, it’s been a sort of bittersweet situation. I’m eagerly looking forward to helping this organization and beginning the next part of my career, but I’m disappointed to be leaving a great team of talent and ideas. Scot has taught me quite a bit, as have many of our customers, as well as my fellow team members. I’ve made leaps and bounds in terms of my skills and knowledge. There have been ups and downs, but when you’re constantly learning, it’s a lot more up than down. So although I’m excited about this opportunity, I’m sad to leave RevBuilders. (more…)

How Are You Presenting Your Content? 3 Tips to Help Your Content Be More Visually Appealing

Friday, June 15th, 2012

How_To_Present_Your_Content.egg  on Aviary

Most of you know I am not a graphic designer. If you haven’t figured it out, today’s blog picture should be clear evidence of that. If you’re still not convinced…you’re giving me way too much credit. I may have created a cool background with a tool called Aviary, but you would be highly mistaken to think I can do much more than this.

So…this is my first sub headline. Or where it should be.
Without Master Wordsmith writing our weekly blogs, I got to up the ante a little. I’m not usually the one that goes out and does researched blogs, but I figured I’d better start trying, since those of you who like the more researched blogs are now deprived. Don’t get me wrong – I do research. I just don’t usually write about what I’m reading, since a lot of my research is going out and looking at the latest and greatest web designs, and it would be hard to write about looking at websites.

However, I did stumble across something that I thought was very interesting, and may result in some tweaks to how I do my blogs. (more…)

One Way to Manage a High-Content Blog: Focus

Friday, March 16th, 2012

by Nathan S

Tamara is out today, so I’m filling in her Friday blog slot. Unfortunately, I’m not much of an artist so this post is going to have to go without her classy comics.

So, Scot sent this link to me from level343 about how to keep content fresh and keep readers engaged without inundating them with more content than they could ever hope to read. A visual representation of different degrees of “content freshness” is given as a means to quickly figure out what kind of content you have on your hands. It’s pretty neat and well-organized. (more…)

4 Tips for Better Business Blogging

Monday, February 6th, 2012

by Nathan S

Does your business have a blog? If so, how’s that going? Are you consistently meeting your quota for blogs in a given week or month? How’s the content?

These are the questions that any business owner should be asking themselves. However, some of these questions are a little difficult to answer solidly. As a result, you may be meeting your quota, but not be seeing much performance from your blog. Or, you struggle to meet your quota and wind up falling behind on fresh content entirely. So, what’s going wrong? Here are some tips to consider.

Meltin’s Blog

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Cover for Meltin's Blog (and snowflakes!)by Tamara S.

Yes, there is a theme continuing here. I’ve created a pdf version of Meltin’s first blog attempt, and Snowball’s guidance for the new entrepreneur here.

(For those of you who don’t know who Snowball or Meltin is, watch this video.)

One of the reasons I do this “blog” in particular is that often times I’ve seen either really…um, “not interesting” blogs, or I’ve heard from people that say they can’t blog. Either you come across a blog that’s basically a sales pitch, or the business owner will literally stare at a blank paper/screen, clueless as to what to talk about. (more…)