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Three Golden Nuggets

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

From my wonderful team to our incredible customers, I have been stretched in so many different ways.. As I mentioned last time, we are on a quest at RevBuilders Marketing to make 2013 our break-out year by implementing some internal changes. It will be bumpy, but in the end it will be beneficial for all.
RevBuilders Marketing Three Golden Nuggets

The key to having a break- out year is for me to get out of the way and let the talented team I have built shine in ways that they have never shined before. This past month, I have been finding myself dipping my fingers in places they do not belong. (more…)

Time and Task Management Includes Breaks

Friday, May 25th, 2012

RevBuilders presents Time and Task Management: Time and Task Management Includes Breaks, a Bonus Step! Always more to learn.Time and Task Management: Bonus

Time and task management should include breaks.

Surprise! You were hoping I was all done with this, weren’t you?

This is simply a quick blog and a note of encouragement to say that your time and task management (and prioritization) does need to include…breaks.

break [breyk] noun – a brief respite or interval between two actions: a break from one’s toil*

That’s right, breaks. (more…)

If Emergency Re-Prioritize

Friday, May 18th, 2012

RevBuilders presents Time and Task Management 6 of 6: If Emergency, Re-Prioritize.  You've made it!Time and Task Management: 6 of 6

Step 5: If an emergency comes up, or you reach the end of your list, stop and do another prioritization.

So, you’re moving on down your task list, and everything’s going smoothly…until you get that email, or that phone call. It’s the all-time critical, emergency fire that you absolutely have to do, and your priority list doesn’t matter.

Or, you hit the end of your prioritized task list for the day, and it’s only noon, and you’ve got five hours left.

What now?

Work Down the Prioritized List

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Step 4 of Time and Task Management - Work Down the Prioritized ListTime and Task Management: 5 of 6

Step 4: Work down your list, and stay only on the task you are on until you cannot do anything more with it.

Ugh. That’s my response to today’s blog post – ugh. What a difficult, terribly difficult, concept. I still struggle with this one constantly. You have created finally your task or to-do list and prioritized it, but if you can’t stick with it, it becomes meaningless. And by stick with it, I mean that excluding Critical tasks, you must stay on the course of what you prioritized.

For myself, there tends to be three common reasons I come off of my prioritized task list: (more…)


Friday, May 4th, 2012

RevBuilders presents Time and Task Management 4 of 6: Prioritize - climb those stairs!Time and Task Management: 4 of 6

Step 3: Prioritize

This is probably the step you’ve been really waiting for – how to prioritize. I wish I would have learned so much of this so long ago.

I can’t tell you specifically what to prioritize, but I’ll try and give you some guidelines on how I prioritize: (more…)