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Pinterest is My New Social Marketing Weakness

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Pinterest enables me to go from Social Marketing to distracted in 2.5 seconds Tamara S.

Pinterest is my newest addiction.

The first Friday in February (say that ten times fast!) I posted the blog “How To Do Social Marketing When—Hey Look, Shiny!”

I am now here to tell you that my distractions with Facebook were only the beginning. We are highly visual creatures (when we have sight, I won’t even attempt to give a voice to those that cannot see as to what the next most powerful sense is), and Pinterest plays on that. Pictures, and pictures, and pictures line this wall, and it never stops. Funny pictures, beautiful pictures, cute baby and animal pictures, fashion pictures, awesome pictures, home-style pictures, wedding pictures, how-to pictures, yummy cooking and baking pictures…the list literally never ends. And the same goes for my attention span in Pinterest.