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Online Media Struggles? Try Talking to Your Customers

Monday, October 31st, 2011

by Nathan S
When people work towards improving their online presence, there are a lot of different algorithms and data tricks that they try to manipulate (or hire someone to try and manipulate). And there’s a ton of indicators out there to help. With metrics like Klout and EdgeRank, it’s no wonder that many see social media as this big, mysterious game played by marketing experts to try and win business for clients. (more…)

Social Media Marketing with Jamie Gorman

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Is Social Media Right for You?

by Tamara R.

Sorry folks, my time to write again: You know the nice thing about WordPress? You can schedule blogs ahead of time. So I wrote and posted this yesterday (Thursday), but scheduled it for today (Friday), because I’m actually out of office today. Pretty cool, right?

Reason I’ll be out today (weird to say that while writing this on Thursday) is I’ve now had this “headache” or “migraine” for almost 2 weeks. I know I said “sick” last week, but doctor is telling me it’s all in my head (surprise-surprise).

So, with a clouded brain, I’m actually just going to give props to Jamie Gorman of Sigma College of Business, and a summary (with my input) of our Social Media Marketing Training yesterday morning with the highly talented and motivated staff of Dr. Tod R. Davis, Developmental Optometry and Vision Therapy Services. (more…)

A Day of Social Media

Monday, June 6th, 2011

by Becky O.

Twitter is an ever evolving social media outlet that I don’t (or should I say “didn’t”) know a lot about. I spent the better part of the day researching Twitter: what makes it successful, who’s on Twitter, what are they saying, and most applicable to me right now, how can Twitter be an advantageous marketing strategy. (more…)