The Paralympics: Overcome Your Obstacles

August 17th, 2012 08:53am CDT by Tamara Schaad

Something I learned recently (and feel rather silly for not knowing beforehand) is the Paralympic Games.

It shouldn’t have surprised me, really. I’m aware of competitions for those that are disabled on a smaller scale. I’ve heard of events like this before. Yet it just never dawned on me that there would be an Olympics for such folks. Why? I couldn’t really tell you. Probably the most logical explanation is the “out of sight, out of mind” aspect: I don’t know of anyone that’s disabled, and so wouldn’t think of Olympic competitions for them.

The other fascinating part is reading through the sports listed for the Paralympics. Wheelchair Basketball? I’d have a hard enough time trying to do basketball on two legs, never mind in a wheelchair. It’s rather humbling.

And that was my reaction to all of the sports I skimmed through – wow. Here I am, complaining that I can only run a 10 minute mile (don’t judge, I’m working on it!), and there are people without limbs competing in Olympic-like events. I’m definitely going to be reading up on the Paralympics.

So. Practical business application time: you can overcome the obstacles in your way. If you really want to overcome, that is. No excuse. From finances to office environment to economy, it can be overcome. Obviously, some issues are easier than others to fix, and I won’t deny that. Yet I know I can be too quick to give up on something. What about you?

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