The Social World is Upon Us! Is Your Business Sociable?

January 27th, 2012 08:30am CST by Tamara Schaad

Meltin's Snow Cone is Socialby Tamara S.

I think everyone is beginning to understand the importance of the social, right? It’s a pretty big deal getting out there and talking to your current and could-be customers in their realms of Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.

But have you thought about how “sociable” your business is?

I stumbled across an article by Adam T. Sutton, Senior Reporter that presented some interesting material on social marketing, but there was one section that caught my attention:

“[Brian Solis] suggests digging down into your brand’s roots and asking:

  • What is our story?
  • Why are we in this business?
  • Why do customers choose us?
  • How can we communicate this in personable terms?
  • If our brand was a person, what would it sound like?
  • What would this person’s values, persona and mission be?

The answers to these questions will help your team find the tone to use when interacting online and the types of content to make available.”

This made me raise my eyebrows. “If our brand was a person, what would it sound like?” For a lot of businesses, I think our personified brands would be silent. And this probably speaks volumes to how socialable our businesses are.

Look at your business. What sets you apart? If you say nothing, there could be issues. But I suspect there is more that sets you – your business, your company – apart than you realize. In fact, I would guess that what you value most is what sets you apart.

Are you a quality control fanatic? Do you love offering color or time options to your customers? Or what about your constant work on your customer service side of the business? What you put the most work into is, more than likely, what sets you apart.

And by finding out what sets you apart from your competitors, you will discover that which is your brand’s voice in the social world – because your customers will value your business for the reasons you value it.

So, food for your thoughts – let me know what they are!

Source can be found here.

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