YES! It’s Finally Happened!

December 16th, 2011 08:00am CST by Tamara Schaad

My Heart on My Wedding Day!by Tamara S.

Take note! It is no longer Tamara R., but Tamara S. Yes, folks, I am a married woman now!

No, I am not actually writing this blog post the week after my wedding. (You can schedule blog posts ahead of time – I love this feature! Though, it does make it odd to be writing “I’m married” when I’m not yet….)

So the next few posts were done ahead of time. I’m not responsible for any duplicate content that shows up because someone writes the same thing I already wrote about way ahead of time.

I actually had several more “normal” blog posts I could put here, but after talking with my now-husband, I couldn’t resist making an announcement. And a picture of how I am feeling (or at least how I was feeling when I wrote the blog, take that as you will).

Hm. This reminds me…I have wedding things to go prepare. Er, I mean, yay, honeymoon! (Ack, I can’t write in future-tense for an event like this!)

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