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Little Comprehension; Little Appreciation
Imagine two friends named George and Bob watching Monday Night Football together. George lives and breathes the game. He played not only on his high school team but college ball as well.
Bob, on the other hand, has scant (as in very scant) comprehension of the game. He does know a little about scoring and some of the plays, mostly because he’s heard George talk the talk for years. Not only does Bob have scant comprehension, he has little appreciation of the game of football.

Switch the Scenario

Now switch this scenario to a business owner who has scant (as in very scant) comprehension of online marketing. This individual may have heard a lot of talk about how a business can get amazing exposure by marketing via the Internet, but has no appreciation of the full power.

What happens in this case? That business owner will sit around while the game is being played out on the web, but they have no idea what they’re is missing. All the while, the business owner is losing out to competitors who have joined the online marketing game.

We here at RevBuilders know this is the case because on a daily basis we encounter these types of business owners. Our goal is to make every effort to shrink that knowledge-base gap with regards to online marketing and what it might involve.

Marketing Online

Marketing a business online can take on several aspects. The term online marketing or Internet marketing is an umbrella term that covers a number of marketing strategies. Check out this list – which is not at all comprehensive:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)SEO involves the strategic use of keywords and anchor text which, when used correctly, will ensure high search engine rankings.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)PPC involves paid advertising by a business or company using the strategic keywords mentioned above. PPC marketing brings massive and quick online recognition – causing a business to be easily located online.
  • Link BuildingSearch engines recognize a link from other sites to your site as a vote of confidence in who you are and what you offer. The trick is to make sure those links are reputable sites from reputable companies and that it matches the theme of your own business.
  • Email Marketingnteraction and relationship-building is the name of the game in online marketing. Personable and newsy email campaigns (or regular newsletters) go a long way in establishing customer/prospect relationships.
  • SEO CopywritingSEO copywriting simply means a blend of SEO with the writing of web content. It involves the strategic use of key words throughout any business-related blogs, articles, press releases and web content.
  • Viral MarketingThe word viral comes from the medical term virus which, as we all know, spreads quickly. The way to go viral online is to link your business website to a FaceBook page, which is linked to a Twitter account, which is linked to a blog site, which is linked to a press release, which is linked to online articles, and on and on. You get the picture. Before you know it, your brand, your persona, your business identity is all over the Internet and your business will experience healthy growth.

Let RevBuilders Take the Ball and Run!

It’s not necessary for Bob in our opening scenario to learn everything there is to know about football in order to enjoy the game. Likewise, it’s not necessary for you as a business owner or employee to learn everything about online marketing to enjoy astounding results. RevBuilders stands ready to take the ball (pardon the pun) and make all kinds of touchdowns in your behalf. Contact us today.